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“I am very pleased that I decided to go with North Star. I had gotten 5 bids for my roof, and the North Star bid came in the lowest. I never at one point felt that I was being nickeled and dimed or trying to be sold something that I didn’t really need.”— Heather M., Seattle

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North Star Construction: Your Expert Seattle Roofing Company

North Star Construction was built to be one of the premier Seattle roofing companies. This Seattle roofing company has as its primary goal addressing the concerns that customers may have with their roof. Their goal is to address questions that Seattle roofing customers may have about installing a new roof. They can also help Seattle roofing customers with installation of windows.

This Seattle roofing company understands that Seattle roofing customers are going to have a lot of questions. They also understand that Seattle roofing customers have had to deal with other companies that are incompetent and that are full of lazy individuals. For this reason, North Star Construction has dedicated itself to going the extra mile and guaranteeing that their customers are going to get the highest quality service possible. They are determined to make sure that their work is above and beyond anything that you will see from other Seattle roofing companies.

One of the problems with some of the premier Seattle roofing companies is that they do not have patience when it comes to installing a roof. One thing that our Seattle roofing professionals have learned is that in order to do the job effectively, you have to have patience and you have to make sure that every single detail is looked at. Doing this is going to guarantee that the roof is built in the best way, and that the results are going to be results that the customer is happy with.

At North Star Roofing it is understood that keeping the customer happy is job number one. If customers are happy with the results that they receive, in the future when they need other construction work done they will always return to the company that did the work that they were happy with.

Unlike other Seattle roofing companies, North Star Construction understands that a customer’s home is something that they are extremely proud of. They want to show it off. They want their guest to look at the work done on their roof and realize that it was done by Seattle roofing professionals.

We at North Star Seattle Roofing will not just forget about the customer as soon as they sign the contract. To the contrary, we are going to be with the customer every step of the way until the job is done. This means helping them select the color of tiles for the roof. This means helping them when it comes to selecting the color of windows or siding. We will instruct our customers on how they can protect their beautiful home, and unlike some Seattle roofing companies, we will guarantee that our work will pass final inspection.

North Star Seattle Roofing wants every single one of our customers to have the best service possible. We want our customer’s experience with us to be far and beyond the best experience they have with a construction company. Only by working with us at North Star roofing will you be able to guarantee that your project will meet, and exceed, all of your Seattle roofing needs. Working with us, you will realize that you are not just a number, you are not just another contract, you are our friend.