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Seattle Painting Services

Seattle Painting Services

Did you know that the exterior paint on your home should be reapplied every five to seven years? We do. Our professionals at North Star Construction want your home looking as beautiful as the day it was built, because we know pride in the appearance of your home is one of the best feelings a homeowner can have. Painted exteriors can give a homeowner an endless variety of options, including colors and styles to work with. And with top notch paint from Sherwin Williams, a professional painting job can last several years down the road.

Our painting experts are equipped with the knowledge, experience and the care needed to get the job done right. North Star Construction takes pride in the satisfaction of customers all through the Seattle area, and we will ensure that your home is given the best treatment guaranteed. North Star Construction’s professionals are also using the highest quality equipment in the trade, making sure the quality of your Sherwin Williams paint is smooth and flawless all around.

Let our experts assist you in your next renovation, helping you pick the right paint and color for your job. With a free quote, you might be surprised at how economically viable having a fresh coat of paint added to your home can be, in both terms of value and protection of your exterior.

When North Star Construction begins your exterior painting job, we will make sure that every precaution is taken to protect your surrounding landscape. Our painting professionals will clear away any exterior mold or mildew on the existing paint, and will also chip away any remaining paint that has cracked or peeled. Once the exterior surface is primed, we will apply your choice in color of Sherwin Williams exterior-grade paint.

Keeping your home painted is an excellent way to retain the value and appearance of your property. Painting the exterior actually helps prevent a home from the elements that may lead to rot and wear, giving your home a chance to stay beautiful even longer. Painting is also a very low cost alternative to giving your house a fresh face-lift. With outstanding products available to North Star Construction like Sherwin Williams paint, we can get you the exact look for your home that you’ve always dreamed of.

If you are tired of looking at old, chipped paint; or would like to add a little more life to the exterior of your home, schedule a service with North Star Construction today. Our team of experienced and professional painters would be honored to work on your next project. We service all residential homes in the greater Seattle area, of all shapes and sizes. North Star Construction is ready to provide for your painting needs.