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Seattle roof cleaning experts

Seattle roof cleaning

As a homeowner in Seattle, one of your biggest home maintenance challenges may be finding a way to keep your roof clean. The shingles on your house can easily become stained with dirt and debris from falling leaves, particles in rain water or snow and other factors. When such a large surface area on your house is dirty or stained, it can affect the overall curb appeal of your property and give your home the look that it is poorly maintained. At North Star Construction, we offer you the perfect solution through our professional roof cleaning Seattle service.

Manufacturers’ Recommendations

You may have heard some sources say that it is bad to clean a Seattle roof. These sources may have said that the process of cleaning shingles can damage them and decrease their lifespan. However, in reality, when roof cleaning Seattle is performed with the right techniques and cleansers, it actually is beneficial for your home. More than that, manufacturers of Seattle roofs actually recommend professional cleaning. This is because cleaning the roof can actually remove debris that can lead to mold and mildew growth or other factors that may cause significant damage to your home over a period of time. Improving the cleanliness of your shingles ultimately can help you to maintain the condition of your property and the longevity of your roof with great results.

The Right Cleaning Process

At North Star Construction, we take roof cleaning Seattle services to heart. Our experienced and dedicated team understands that the process of cleaning your Seattle roof must be completed with considerable care. Because of this, we only utilize the highest quality equipment and tools, and also use a safe, gentle yet effective cleanser, known as Clean Brite. Clean Brite is an eco-friendly cleanser that is designed to remove growths like algae and moss that are common in Seattle without damaging the roof in any way. It can be used safely on a roof with composition shingles, wooden shakes and other related materials.

An Experienced Crew

It is not enough to simply use the best equipment and cleansers when cleaning a Seattle roof. In addition to taking these steps, the fact is that roof cleaning Seattle should be completed with considerable care by highly experienced professionals. When you work with our team at North Star Construction in Seattle, rest assured that your home will be cleaned thoroughly by a crew that knows how to remove the grime and dirt on the roof without causing damage to it. Our processes are proven to produce safe results for Seattle homeowners.

If the cleanliness of your Seattle home’s roof has been a bothersome concern for you recently, the best step that you can take is to contact our crew at North Star Construction to schedule roof cleaning Seattle service. Our crew can travel to any location across the Seattle area to clean a roof with great results. If you are ready to enjoy the many benefits associated with having a cleaner roof, call our office now to schedule service.