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Bothell Roofing Contractor

North Star Roofing and Construction has been in the business for more than a dozen years in Bothell and is the top roofing service in town. We make a point of only hiring the best, ensuring that our employees have the most comprehensive training and provide the finest customer service.

North Star has experts who are able to help with a wide variety of roofing and home exterior issues, from windows to siding. Unlike any of our Bothell competitors, we don’t take on dozens of roofing jobs at once. We focus on one customer at a time, making sure that we give our full attention to your home. Whether you are interested in a simple roof cleaning or major construction, North Star in Bothell is here to help you with all of your needs.

Why North Star Construction is right for you?

North Star Construction is well known in the Bothell roofing community for our quality work. We’ve been serving the Bothell area more than ten years, and we keep expanding. One of the ways that we are growing is continually hiring more dedicated Bothell roofing staff to make sure there is nothing that we can’t handle on any job, whether you’re looking for a new roof, gutter maintenance, window installation, or a simple cleaning.

North Star Construction’s Bothell roofing experts specialize in a wide variety of exterior housing concerns. Roof covering or cleaning, siding installation or repair, and so much more. At this Bothell roofing company, we want you to feel comfortable in your home environment, to not have to worry about what might happen during a storm of a blizzard. That’s because we are dedicated to Bothell, and want to make sure that everyone can be safe and secure in their homes for as long as they live there.

North Star Construction only does one roofing job at a time

When we take on a job doing Bothell roofing, we want to make sure that we do it the best we can. Bothell can have unpredictable weather, making roofing jobs there difficult. The experts at North Star are able to plan around sudden weather shifts, completing each housing project in the most practical and effective manner without inconveniencing our customers. Bothell residents deserve something better from their roofing company.

We are completely dedicated to only taking one roofing job at a time, so that our clients in Bothell don’t have to worry about not being our first priority. We believe that by putting our clients first, we can supply a service that many other roofing companies do not provide.

It’s not always easy to run a roofing business that doesn’t try to overbook itself or allows other jobs to fall by the wayside in order to find the next home to work on, but we believe that it’s worth the effort to make sure that every roof that we work on in Bothell gets the attention that it deserves, not one bit less than we are possibly able to provide. It’s our commitment to our customers that every home in Bothell be treated with care.