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Everett Roofing Contractor

North Star Construction has been providing premier Everett roofing services for over 12 years. Well respected in the roofing industry, we offer high-quality service using materials from top manufacturers. Our employees are known for their skill, reliability, and professionalism. We pride ourselves in providing the best in customer service, always listening to our customer’s needs.

With customers throughout the Everett region and beyond, North Star offers exterior services in the following areas: roofing, gutters, windows, roof cleaning, and siding. At North Star Construction, we focus on one Everett roofing customer at a time. We don’t take a generic approach to our services; before starting a job, we will first assess your home and determine what roofing services would best meet your needs. That personal touch and individual attention is hard to find in other companies.

Why trust our Everett Roofing business with your home?

North Star Construction works hard to maintain a stellar reputation as a provider of roofing services within the Everett community. We have been committed to the Everett area for over 12 years, always putting our customers first and never cutting corners. Local businesses don’t last that long without a consistent record of satisfied customers.

North Star Roofing and Construction holds its employees to a high set of standards; other companies in the Everett area simply can’t compare. We aren’t satisfied with our roofing services unless effective results have been delivered. Roofing jobs come in all sizes, but we treat every service with the same level of care and professionalism, whether it’s a simple roof cleaning or a full-scale remodeling.

North Star is the name you can trust for roofing services in Everett

North Star Construction continues to grow and thrive as it services the local community. In fact, we like to say we’re roofing Everett one house at a time! While the unpredictable weather in Everett can make roofing a challenge, our workers are consummate professionals who understand how to deal with these conditions. Our flexibility and adaptability sets us apart from our competitors. North Star puts customers and their homes first, always ensuring the utmost in safety and comfort during a roofing project. We understand that your home is your most valuable asset.

North Star Construction believes in treating each Everett customer as an individual, focusing on their unique needs and preferences. In doing so, we provide a level of service unmatched by other Everett construction businesses. Many construction companies claim to offer full care and protection; the difference is, North Star Everett Roofing actually follows through. This dedication and professionalism is evident in everything we do, from interacting with our clients to adding the final touches to your home project.

Don’t take chances when it comes to your Everett home’s exterior; it’s not worth the risk. For the service and confidence you deserve, go with North Star Construction: the local name you can trust. We want to work with you to make your home the best it can be.