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Lynnwood Roofing Contractor

If you need new roofing and your Lynnwood home is anywhere near the junction of the I-5 and 405 in Snohomish County, North Star Construction has the professional Lynnwood roofing team you need. We deal with all aspects of roofing concerns, as well as gutters, siding and window matters. We have been established in the region for over a dozen years, bringing excellent service to homes all round Lynnwood.

We provide roofing repair services for those in Lynnwood who discover they have problems with their roofing. You may have lost shingles due to storm action. Parts of the roofing may have deteriorated from the wear and tear of age. Your Lynnwood roofing may have sustained damage caused by falling tree limbs or other objects. Any of these occurrences would require the services of Lynnwood construction experts who have plenty of experience with Lynnwood roofing problems.

Whether you are repairing the roofing of an older building or evaluating your options for a new construction, your Lynnwood roofing concerns can be addressed by our team. We can give you information on the latest developments in materials and methods. Any question you might have regarding the process can be answered by our professional staff members. Our object is to keep your roofing in the best condition for dealing with all possible weather that the Pacific Northwest can inflict on Lynnwood residents.

In addition to roofing repairs, we can also repair or replace all your gutter installations. This is not something you want to neglect, if you live around Lynnwood. In addition to catching the rain run-off from the roofing so that it doesn’t pour down your neck at the door, gutters divert this water away from the foundation of the building. This helps prevent underground erosion that could unsettle the frame of the building. If your gutters need attention anywhere in Lynnwood, contact us today.

Keeping the siding of your home in good condition is another way of protecting the life of the building. If your siding has not been checked in several years, contact our Lynnwood experts for a fresh evaluation. Should you need new siding, our team can advise you on the best materials available that can meet your budget concerns. You will enjoy the beauty of your home when you have refreshed it with new, reliable siding.

Another concern for home owners in the Lynnwood district is the condition of the window frames in the residence. The climate of the Pacific Northwest makes heavy demands on the window assemblies of any home. Our team of specialists will consult with you on the best selection available in the region. North Star Construction puts its years of experience at your service in making the most effective choices.

When Lynnwood roofing concerns are at the top of your list for home maintenance, contact us at North Star Construction. You can be certain that we can help you in all construction matters, from the top peak of the roofing down to the smallest particle around the foundation. Whatever matters are demanding attention, you can be sure that we have a solution in Lynnwood that will suit you.