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Let’s face it. Buildings in the Puget Sound Region and Renton communities take a beating when it comes to weather, especially the roofing. Most roofing can last 20 to 30 years, but eventually it deteriorates and needs repairs or replacement. Once that happens, customers in the Renton roofing area know that the sooner action is taken, the better protection you’ll have for your home or business. You can spare yourself the headaches of having mold issues, rotting wood, ruined carpets, damaged walls and much more with a solid roof that’s strong and sturdy.

Why Do Customers Choose North Star Construction Specialists for Renton Roofing?

When it comes to quality service and construction materials; professional, polite workers that are certified installers; and expertise that comes with a no-pressure, affordable bid for Renton roofing needs, we’re a leader. For more than 12 years, the total satisfaction commitment of our family owned company has earned us the privilege of being a go-to supplier in the Renton communities. Check us out on Yelp and see our five-star reviews. We’re on Angie’s list, too.

How Can I Tell If My Renton Roof Needs Repair or Replacement?

If a tree limb damages your roof during a storm, the area hit may be small enough that a patch repair is adequate. However, if you begin to see signs of any of the following, it’s a warning sign that your roofing is losing its ability to protect your building’s interior. While repairing can extend the life of the roof in some cases, it is only a short-term fix for needed replacement.

  • Curling, cupping or cracking shingles – indicates shingles are getting worn (asphalt, shakes)
  • Broken, missing or blown away shingles
  • Dark spots – indicates shingles losing granules (asphalt shingles)
  • Excessive growth of moss – indicates roots are expanding, which pulls asphalt shingles apart
  • Damp or dark spots in your attic – indicates roof is compromised
  • Excessive rust or missing fasteners (metal roof)
  • Splitting, cracking, fraying (wood shake roof)

Whether you decide to repair or replace your roof in Renton with asphalt shingles, wood or composite roofing or flat, foam or single ply roofing, you can count on North Star contractors for impressive service that brings you peace of mind. The quality roofing materials that we’ll use for your Renton project will be resistant to moss, discoloration, staining and other weather elements, as well.

In addition to Renton roofing, we also replace gutters, siding, decks, windows and doors. Installing skylights, garage doors, attic insulation or fencing are improvement specialties that keep our Renton customers calling us back for service.

Do we clean? You bet. Every project has a clean-up crew that makes sure you’re not left with a mess. We can clean your roof, your gutters and even your windows as a specialty service, too.

By selecting North Star Construction for your Renton roofing and other construction project needs, you’ve chosen a company that shoots straight with you and recommends only what’s best for you and your budget. Seriously, our top goal is to always leave you with a smile.