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It is a classic misunderstanding that Seattle is the rainiest climate in the United States. In fact, that dubious moniker goes first to New Orleans, followed by Mobile, Alabama and Miami, Florida. Be that as it may, Seattle does get nearly 40 inches of rain per year, and add to this they do get snow and ice if conditions in the Puget Sound are affected by cold air blowing in from the inner continent, so one is immediately reminded how much proper construction of both their home and roof matter to safety, longevity and resale value. Construction, in particular, is very important especially when this area is battered by several different weather cycles, as is possible almost any given year.

Other considerations for those in Seattle must include careful consideration about what quality of windows are in their homes. In the end, it is likely best to go with the most durable construction materials, roofing and windows right from the outset on your Seattle home. The problem with this is not everyone is starting from the ground up, with many buying existing homes, and these will likely require upgrades. In a city that is cold, gets a lot of rain, and when snow does threaten, without dedicated snow plows, preparedness is of particular importance.

If you are looking to take care of your home, and provide some upgrades, starting with roofing, doors and windows are likely the cornerstones of securing your home and adding much to your resale value. From cosmetic reworking of the aesthetic value of your home, or just looking to replace worn out doors, windows and roofing, our construction staff can help you. We can provide estimates for the work you are considering, in addition to adding value by helping you sidestep future problems that raw weather in the Pacific Northwest can bring. Doors must also be of the highest quality, and we can provide several options.

Roofing, however, is the a big issue to contend with in this part of the country. Do it once, and do it right is the only way to go. The weather will fast ruin second-rate shingles, and replacement will eventually cost more than doing it right the first time. There are options even in the upper echelons of shingles, so it does not have to be particularly expensive, but it does need to be done right. We can help you achieve the look you want, at a price you will be happy with.