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Are you seeking a roofing company in Woodinville to repair the shingles on your home or to completely replace your roof? At North Star Roofing, our professionals use exceptionally high-quality wood, shingles, sealants and ice guard to complete each roofing project, and we always offer free price estimates.


Sometimes, shingles can appear to be in good condition when water is actually seeping into the attic and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

We can send experienced technicians to your home in Woodinville to fully inspect your roof for free before the winter sets in. If your roof needs certain repairs, our professionals can usually complete them on the same day of the inspection.

Replacing Your Roof

When you need to have the roof of your home in Woodinville replaced, the experts at our Woodinville roofing company can provide a free consultation and give you a written estimate for the project.

If you choose our services, we will immediately give you a date by which our Woodinville roofing company will complete the job.

Tearing Off Old Roofing Materials

Whether the roof of your house in Woodinville was made of cedar wood, slate shingles or traditional shingles, our team can usually tear it off within the first day of the job, and we always provide a swift, complete clean up by using several large trucks to haul the old materials away.

Wooden Boards

Over time, the boards that are underneath your roof’s shingles can become frail and rot. Our roofing professionals in Woodinville can install new boards that are placed on top of your home’s structural beams.

The Shingles

Our Woodinville roofing company provides countless brands of shingles for you to choose from, and when considering various colors, you can use a software program to digitally place roofs of all colors on a photograph of your home in Woodinville.

Ridge Vents

In addition to offering a stylish appearance, ridge vents allow air to flow into and out of an attic in order to reduce your energy costs. The roofing experts at our business use extra nails to secure each ridge vent in place on the top of the roof, and in order to provide lasting protection from hail and heavy snow, our Woodinville roofing company installs vents that are twice as thick as those used by other roofing companies.

The Flashing

Flashing is a type of roofing material that is made of copper or aluminum, and these precisely cut pieces of metal are placed on edges where a home’s siding meets the shingles and around the chimney.

The Gutters

Frequently, water seeps into basements in Woodinville because the gutters of the homes overflow. Our roofing experts can replace your old gutters with half-round gutters that can prevent an overflow in heavy rain. In addition, our company provides square gutters, which can hold much more water and drain more easily.

Removing Stains

Does your roof have stains from ice or old age that just won’t come off? Our roofing experts use commercial cleaning materials and high-pressure hoses to remove blemishes from roofs of all sizes in Woodinville, and we will coat your roof with a clear cleaning product that can prevent future stains for years.

The Chimney

Our Woodinville roofing professionals know that the chimney of any home is prone to leaks, and when performing a repair or installation in Woodinville, our experts will install a combination of high-quality sealants to ensure that the area around the chimney never leaks.

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If you would like to schedule a free consultation, call North Star Roofing at (425)210-5524. We can send a professional to your location in Woodinville on the same day that you call us. Additionally, you can fill out the detailed form on our website to request an inspection and an estimate.